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Thread is a former female contestant who competed on Supernova Specialization, then she got eliminated in Artificial Alpha with a 3 - 1 vote against Snowflake


Thread is a pink roll of possibly silk thread.


SS 1[]

She started off as a pink ball of thread with a white roll. She wanted to be friends with Bowing Pin. Bowing Pin stole one of the tablets from Thread.

SS 2[]

Her roll color changed from white to a tanish-yellow, and the shines on her body are gone.

SS 3[]

Her arms are higher.

SS 4[]

Her roll isn't square-shaped, and are more triangular. She gains a purple shading on both sides of her body. Her arms are also higher.


Thread is one of those stereotypical "always happy and outright joyful" characters in Object Shows. Always seen joyful, happy, and energetic. She is rarely seen as negative when someone doesn't treat her well. She is also very cheerful that she doesn't care about her surroundings. Similar to Firework, she does not realize the dark side of the world out there. Due to this, Thread can be easily targeted as another's servant because she's known to be "Bowling Pin's best friend". In reality, Thread does not realize that she is using her. In general, Thread is very happy and loves to put a smile always! but she never can detect mean or bad people.


  • She's the only pink contestant on the show
  • She's the first contestant eliminated
    • She's also the first (and only) pink contestant eliminated
    • She’s also the first female eliminated
  • According to her in episode 1, she thought she was going to win the prize, so it could be possible she may have voted for herself
  • She is the youngest contestant on the show, only being 14 years old
  • She collects toys from the franchise "My Little Pony", seen in SS 1
  • According to Pepper, Thread's human design looks like this



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