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Tetris Block is a male contestant on Supernova Specialization and was eliminated in Facility Freakout. He then managed to rejoin the game in Scrapped Episode.


Tetris Block is a purple tetris game block


SS 1[]

He starts off with very thick purple outlines, and pale-purple shadings.

SS 2[]

His outlines are thinner and are slightly lighter. His shadings aren't pale purple anymore, and the tetris blocks don't have outlines connecting to each other. He was the 2nd one voted out in episode 2.

SS 3[]

His arms are higher.

SS 4[]

His eyes are pushed together and his body is longer.


Tetris block comes off as a snarky and churlish individual, and often makes comments or statements that annoy others. Even with all of this, he is quite skilled and is shown to be a decent programmer. After he rejoined the show, he is shown to have dialed his attitude back and is much more approachable. In episode 5 he rejoins back into the game.



  • According to Pepper, Tetris block's human design looks like this


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