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Shopping Bag is a male contestant who competed in Supernova Specialization


Shopping Bag is a khaki-colored paper grocery bag.


SS 1-2[]

Shopping Bag appeared to be a wide grocery shopping bag.

SS 3+[]

His handles have been positioned in another angle. He also appears to be more thinner and in a more darker shade of brown.

SS 7 (Beta, 1)[]

His side border's outline color has been recolored to match his outline. However, this design was scrapped.


Shopping Bag is known to be the cat's pajamas of the cast. He likes to make people believe that he's a celebrity that is all of that. He loves to be the center of attention and similar to Firework's military slang. He calls people "his fans". Many of those examples follow how he thinks Leaf Ball is a terrible option to be picked as the beast in Facility Freakout and thinks he should be the one as the beast. Due to this, he's proud of himself and his talents. However, unlike most egotistical characters. He cares a lot about his "fans". One of those examples used is during his elimination he asked Glovey if she can take care of herself because he and Glovey are known to be one of the partners in crime of the show. Aside from these self-centered traits. He's mainly chill but can be annoyed when he isn't respected and treated like the lion of everyone. In the early episodes, Leaf Ball is known to annoy him a lot because he's a "plastic object" (even if he's actually paper.)

Overall, Shopping bag is an relaxed egotistical celebrity who cares a lot about himself, you (If you're one of his fans that is.) and his fans and LOVES being the center of attention. However, if you disrespect him. His chill pills would break meaning he would probably have hatred against you.



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  • According to Pepper, Shopping Bag's human design looks like this