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Sandwich is a male contestant who competed in Supernova Specialization.


Sandwich is a really introverted object who is usually worried about what could happen to him as for example. He didn't want to be near anyone except someone who's familiar with, Ice Bag. It was also seen him expressing his feelings to Ice Bag about others and admitting he really doesn't talk to others and possibly thinking this show wasn't the right place for him. During the first challenge, When Ice Bag suggests to split up. He gets worried about that idea, seeing he doesn't like being alone.

All of this "only trusts Ice Bag” drops down when he first meets Firework and got more friendlier with him. He even admitted how Sandwich, himself was the best solider Firework ever seen.


In Episode 1, Sandwich was a lettuce and cheese sandwich with a cream colored mouth.

In Episode 2, baloney was added to his ingredients

In Episode 3, He has a standard red mouth

In Episode 4, His cheese shows a little bit and his outlines are darker

In Episode 5, his outlines are slightly lighter


  • Sandwich is the second male character to be eliminated.
  • Sandwich was originally going to be the winner of Supernova Specialization, however this was changed.
  • His voice actor, AnimatedGalaxy, said that he wanted Sandwich to be eliminated, as he saw him as uninteresting.
    • He also helped write Sandwich's elimination.
    • Sandwich is the 2nd food character the 1st being Root Beer
    • He had a friend named Briefcase who later was revealed dead
  • According to Pepper, Sandwich's human design looks like this


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