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Lights, Camera, Action! is one of the most recent episodes of Supernova Specializaiton. The episode was released on July 13, 2022.

Voice Actors[]

Character Actor
VHS Tape NevadaTheXtate
Festive Light Yeartine
TV Shattered Waters
Bowling Pin Jess Jaffa
Firework Papy Boi
Game & Watch Artificial Deluxe
Glovey Jacob Fairclough
Ice Bag ApricotStone
Leaf Ball MistyBreeze
Root Beer PillowPepper
Sandwich AnimatedGalaxy
Snowflake Cole The Geek
Tetris Block Corny
Professor Pixel HandsPlasticX


  • This is the first Supernova Specialization episode to be aired in 2022.
  • Coffee Pot, a character from Pepper's cancelled show called Twisted Shadows asset can be found during the challenge scene.
  • This is the second Supernova Specialization episode to be aired in July. The first being Scrapped Episode.