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Leaf Ball is a contestant who was a competitor on Supernova Specialization.


Leaf Ball is a ball of leaves who likes to protect nature. She hates on anyone who's plastic, as seen by her interactions with Shopping Bag and is at times quite rude. Despite that, Leaf Ball is quite kind and uses her skills to help others as evident with her befriending Snowflake.


Leaf Ball is a ball of leaves crumpled up, with a shovel behind her as a weapon and a blue headband with orange leaves printed on it, as she calls herself a "Nature Warrior".

She won the prize in episode 2.


SS 1[]

She has round edges with ovals sticking out of her. Her headband is a pale blue with stars and her shovel has a gray end with a blue handle.

SS 2[]

She has sharp crumpled edges and she's more limish. Her outlines are thicker and darker. Her headband has visible ends showing and the star pattern is gone. She now gains a dark blue shading on her headband. Her shovel pattern changed with having a light-blue shine, the handle is pale blue, and the shovel holder is pink

SS 3[]

Her outlines are thinner and lighter. This goes for her headband and shovel as well. The light-blue shine on shovel is gone

SS 4[]

Still the same but the gray part of shovel has a white pattern next to her dark blue pattern

SS 5[]

Still the same but with a different pose.

Beta SS 6[]

The same but her body is now a different shade of green, along with the shading, and shine. The style of the shading has been changed, overall her body outlines, shading, lighting, and body color has been changed, along with her band, now having orange leaves on it.

SS 6[]

She remains the exact same, except her Shovel is slightly larger and she now has tufts of grass on her head.


  • Leaf Ball has never taken her head band off as of episode 5
  • She is one of the green contestants, the other being Game & Watch
  • Leafball has never gotten up for elimination.
  • She's the only character with accessories
    • Other characters with minor accessories are:
      • Ice Bag is with ice filled in her body
      • Sandwich is filled with baloney, lettuce, and cheese
      • Firework has a rope and stick attached to the bottom of his body
      • Game & Watch has an "X" on his right eye
  • According to Pepper, Leaf Ball's human design looks like this


1st Leaf Ball Image Episode 1 .png


in episode 1 she is seen bulling shopping bag

in episode 2 she wins the prize and is the hunter thingy

in episode 3 she is with shopping bag and uses her shovel as a racket

in episode 4 she makes a pancake and wins!


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