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Glovey is a female contestant competing on Supernova Specialization


Glovey is a teal rubber left-hand glove.


Quick tempered and anger issued. No matter who talks to Glovey, she will always talk in a negative way. Because of the negativity she has she can be easily hated by others. This was the cause of her demotion of her job as a scientist. Mentioning that she used to be a scientist concepts that she is good at building things.

Not to mention her relationship with Shopping Bag which turned to dislike to like arc, just like Pocket Watch and Root Beer's relationship. At first, she didn't want to be friends with him but it turned out friendly because of their duo starting in SS 4.


  • Glovey once used to work as a scientist, but got fired for her temper, and now works at a supermarket, as confirmed in SS 5.
  • She is the only contestant that has a y at the end of their name.
  • She slightly has similar traits to Cakey from Object Invasion.
    • Both have an extreme short temper
    • Both are female
    • Both are the only ones in their shows that have a y at the end of their name.
    • Both are the 4th person in their intros.
    • Both have arms and legs.
  • According to Pepper, Glovey's human design looks like this


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