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Electrification Justice is the sixth episode of Supernova Specialization. It was released on November 22, 2021. The challenge is to get the most points by answering embarrasing questions.


Prize Votes[]

620 votes were cast.

Contestant Votes Percentage of votes
Shopping Bag 27 4.35%
Ice Bag 55 8.87%
Glovey 58 9.35%
Firework 59 9.516%
Leaf Ball 62 10%
Root Beer 66 10.645%
Game & Watch 66 10.645%
Snowflake 98 15.806%
Tetris Block 130 20.968%

Voice Actors[]

Character Actor
VHS Tape NevadaTheXtate
Festive Light Gery
TV Shattered Waters
Bowling Pin Jess Jaffa
Firework Papy Boi
Game & Watch Artificial Deluxe
Glovey Jacob Fairclough
Ice Bag ApricotStone
Leaf Ball tippersHoneybee
Pocket Watch NottyNoun
Root Beer PillowPepper
Sandwich AnimatedGalaxy
Scroll HeartfulHex
Shopping Bag HurricaneHunterJackson
Snowflake Cole The Geek
Tetris Block Corny
Thread AP3X
Professor Pixel HandsPlasticX
Game Case Shattered Waters
Fry Arcadia
Briefcase dsr
Domino Calebddfwa


  • This is the last SS episode to be released in 2021


  • In the credits, Game & Watch is seen without an x eye.